The Elements

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          “Elementals” refers in general to all beings in this universe, that are self-aware, and possess some form of power over the elements (Fire, Water, etc.). Many elementals are nothing more than living rocks, plants, and so on, that barely meet the requirements to be called an “Elemental.” Most Elementals form when large amounts of a specific element, for example, Fire, compresses in one location, and an Arcane anomaly triggers a reaction. It’s not uncommon to see living fireballs hop out of the mouth of an active, or erupting volcano. Nobody's quite sure what causes the Arcane anomalies, but many Elemental Scholars point at the natural imbalances in elemental energies.

Elemental Scholars

         “Elemental Scholars” are beings that normally aren't biased towards one element type versus another. Many Scholars are dull colored, almost shapeless forms that possess a great amount of intellect, and a basic, “natural” control over Arcane Energy. They use this intellect and Arcane control to study and research all the known Elements, to better know the world around them, and hopefully answer some of the bigger questions of their universe. Scholars also maintain order throughout the different elemental worlds, acting as a sort of “Vanguard” for the lesser Elementals.


Although the Scholars are not biased, they are able to specialize in specific Elements, and are also susceptible to corruption. Many times, Scholars will take on a new larger appearance that suits the Element they specialize in; Such as the Phoenix Elementals, whom specialize in the Fire Element.


         Because of their flexible elemental composition, Scholars also possess the unique ability to “morph” their physical forms into a combination of up to two element types. This gives them a wide range of abilities and powers that suits many of their needs. Many of the forms they can take on resemble that of already existing Elementals.

         Anytime a Scholar is called upon to help maintain the order of a world, they are doing nothing more than reverting the Elementals in question, back to their most basic states. Scholars do not kill or destroy other Elementals, the visible “poof” of colored matter, is the result of the Elemental’s unstable structure collapsing. The resulting elemental matter then naturally works itself into the world, later to be remade into a new, stable, Elemental being. The Elements are never wasted, but continuously recycled, and reused.