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Brief Story Overview:

"Ignis Mundi, a once lush and beautiful world, where all elemental beings lived in harmony, but fire was the most prominent found there. Elemental Scholars are the keepers of this harmony. Studying the elements and keeping their power in check when needed."

-"Elemental Worlds," Book One, Fire


Malus, once a respected Elemental Scholar, dove too deeply into his passion for knowledge, and fell into darkness. Twisted by a Vile Darkness element, Malus corrupted and ravaged worlds, later reshaping them in his vision of a "pure" elemental world. Some worlds resisted, many fell, others willingly joined him. Et-tu, a fellow Elemental Scholar, willingly followed Malus, secretly hoping to rid him of his affliction; But you, Absolutus, the closest to Malus, refused his offer of power. You were stripped of all your Arcane knowledge, power over the elements, pitied, and left to rot away to darkness; But Malus's arrogance, will be his downfall...



Combine, and command 4 different elements

-Fire, Water, Plant, and Arcane


Discover thousands of unique element variations

-Every element has randomly generated stats, and follows a RPG loot rarity system.


Exploit elemental weaknesses

-Fire element forms do 2X damage to plant enemies, but take 2X damage from water enemies.


Unleash 14 powerful elemental forms

-Create massive tidal waves, launch fire arrows, grow protective thorn bush barriers, and more!


Explore randomly generated worlds

-Using a random seed, you're able to explore over 1,000,000 different world layouts. Everything from your enemies health and placement, to how long the world is, is different on each play through.


Master two forms at once

-Trap your enemy with vines, then strike them with a powerful tidal wave of water.


Focus your training on specific elements

-Earn experience from defeating enemies, then spend it on perks to focus on a certain elemental type, increase your mana, and more. 


Gain unlimited power, with NO player level caps, or perk level caps.